Married in 2019, I've been there and done the thing, and I may be biased, but we're kicking ass at marriage.  Building our home, farmstead, raising animals, and growing up together.

To the worlds best man.


My sidekick, my shadow, unarguably my best friend.  Often riding with me to shoots and traveling the state like a champ. The best boy.

Yogi, the most handsome

Dog mom

Families, couples, newborns, branding, seniors, milestones, I've shot it all.  This little dream began in 2009, high school photography class.  With over 80 weddings under my belt,  I've found my niche with couples, individuals, and branding.

8 years experience


Although an introvert at heart, people are my passion. Give me the raw, the untouched, the happiness, the grief, the proudest moments. Give me you and I promise I will leave a piece of me with you.  After all, that is me - all or nothing, a bit obsessive, a lot "if this isn't perfect, i'm not effing delivering it." Welcome to my messy, happy, probably TOO true, corner of the internet. Just know, if we work together, this isn't just work for me - this is memories, this is tears, this is frustration, this is the piece of me I give to you.

preserving your memories through my lens. preserving me by staying true to my dreams.

i'm bri.